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The Knotty Kids Salon
Kid's Salon in Denver, CO
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Kid's Salon in Denver, CO

Welcome to The Knotty Kids Salon! All the cool kids come to us for rockin’ new hairstyles, curling or straightening, and a relaxed environment that everyone can enjoy. Our caring team has over 19 years of experience creating a safe, welcoming environment for kids of all ages and abilities. We are also the first kid’s salon in Denver, CO, to provide a quiet room specifically designed to cater to children with ASD and sensory needs! No matter your child’s needs, we are ready to work with you both to give them an enjoyable, stress-free haircut experience. So whether your kids need hair styling for a special event or routine haircuts, The Knotty Kids Salon is the place to go. Book your appointment today!

What We Offer

  • Children’s Haircuts
  • Sensory-Friendly Haircuts
  • Updo’s For Special Occasions
  • Braids
  • Hair Curling
  • Hair Straightening
  • Styling

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